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SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most common yet effective medium available today. Check the ROI from an SMS campaign here.

The rapid growth in smartphones allows  businesses of all sizes to market to their customers effectively though SMS. There are huge benefits in using SMS for your marketing

1. Cost-effective

In comparison with other forms of marketing, SMS is incredibly cost-effective. You’ll be able to reach a large customer base with very little cost. SMS messages can be composed on mobile phones or online.

2. Immediate

SMS messages are usually received by customers within seconds of it being sent out. You don’t need to spend several weeks to put in place an ad campaign.

3. Target Audience

SMS can be tailored to send to a select group based on demographic, geographic, gender etc. You only engage with the people you want to reach.

4. Effective

SMS receivers usually open their messages within 5 minutes of receipt. Unlike email, SMS can have  a high open rate of over 90%. Most of the people do not leave home without their mobile devices, so that they will receive the messages wherever they are. SMS marketing can reach anyone with a mobile phone, including non-smart phones.

5. Direct

SMS are short and direct and tells customers what they need to know. Print ads typically has a lot of fillers and unnecessary details.

6. Measurable

Contrary to using other forms of marketing print, radio and TV ads, employing SMS allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. You will know exactly how many people responded to your message.

SMS Uses


From appointments to meeting reminders, increase efficiency by decreasing no show rates.

Increase Frequency

Give your customers a reason to keep choosing your brand or your store by sending them exclusive SMS coupons they can redeem.

Gather Feedback

Change from broadcasts to conversations, by allowing your customers to get back to you via an SMS reply.

Build Loyalty

Let your patrons know you care by sending them special offers via SMS on important dates like birthdays, engagements, etc.

Boost Foot Traffic

Cluster your shoppers by location and alert them when exclusive promotions are available at their nearby store.

Seasonal Specials

Notify your customers when seasonal offers are available such as Mother’s & father’s day, Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Members Exclusives

Identify your loyal consumers and offer them exclusive members’ offers with calls to action that will resonate with their likes. They’ll love you for it!


Embed your mobile call-to-action into any of your existing marketing materials and let your customers send an SMS for a chance to win.

Manage Rosters

Sync your payroll and roster systems with our API and send out SMS notifications when a new shift is available or an extra staff member is needed.

Service Notifications

Let your customers know when their product is ready for pick up or your service is up and running after an outage.


When time-sensitive notifications are imperative, send an SMS alert to your customers or suppliers with warnings or changes in the status of a product or service delivery.

Renew Memberships

Send SMS reminders to your members when their membership is about to expire.

Events Follow Up

Notify attendees about changes of time, place or particular details of the event they RSVP to attend.

SMS Return On Investment Calculator

Mobile Push has the right SMS solution to suit any size business. Call us for a free quote on how SMS can boost your bottom line.

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